Vegan recipes with mushrooms – our best list!

vegan recipes with mushrooms for you

Vegan recipes with mushrooms for crazy vegan yum yums!

We at Somos Veganos love a few things: animals (alive), you (of course), and mushrooms (yum). Why not – super love, super people, and mushrooms which are now considered a super food. That is why we have created the ultimate list of vegan recipes with mushrooms. Because we want to share the vegan yums! There is something for everyone…so what you waiting for?

The best list of vegan recipes with mushrooms


Deluxe vegan mushroom Straganoff

deluxe vegan mushroom stroganoff

This is defiantly one for the comfort food list. This Straganoff is one of the most hearty vegan recipes with mushrooms around. Perfect for that cold day as a family meal, or even to serve as guests. It is also pretty easy as well, but full of vegan yums! Also goes great with a Pinot Noir.

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