Vegan Recipes with chickpeas – vegan yums!

vegan recipes with chickpeas for eyes and mouths

The ultimate list of vegan recipes with chickpeas!

Do you love chickpeas? Us too! And so you should:: they are both yummy and good for you. Bored of every recipe being hummus though? Us too! This is why we at Somos Veganos have created the ULTIMATE list of vegan recipes with chickpeas. There is literally something for everyone here! Major, major, major vegan yums!

Vegan recipes with chickpeas – the list!

Chickpea Scramble

chickpea and scramble

This is a killer vegan recipe that is great for breakfasts. It is really easy to make, super tasty, and just packed with health and yums. This is one of those vegan recipes that just shows how easy it can be to just chuck in something and turn it into something you’ll love. In fact it is a testament to just how great a plant based diet can be.

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